fter 14 years of operation, Tony DiDio Selections (TDS), a brand management company for quality driven wineries, is entering a brand new phase: 

TDS Consultants. By request, TDS Consultants will continue to provide our expertise in wine presentation to top-tier accounts in the Metro New York region, and acting as liaison between importers/distributors and wineries in need. Also by request, TDS Consultants will help wineries to organize trade/press events on their behalf.

With over 40 years of experience in the wine and food industry, Tony DiDio, the founder of TDS and a published author on wine and food pairing, brings not only the knowledge of wine, but also a wealth of long-term relationships with wine buyers, importers and distributors. Tony's expertise on wines, combining with his connections within the wine and food industry will continue to enhance TDS Consultants' ability in market representation, marketing strategy, and promoting fine wines at trade events .

Renaissance Guide to Wine & Food Pairing   Co-written with food writer Amy Zavatto, Tony DiDio's critically acclaimed book, exemplifies his expertise and knowledge of fine wine. Click on book to obtain a copy of your own.

"...a primer for all those who are interested in wine..."
Daniel Boulud

"Simple and easy to understand even when it comes to difficult courses...This book will help demystify the subject (of wine)..."
                                                                  ------Jean-Georges Vongerichten

"...the perfect authorities to guide the home consumer to the consummate professional..."
Bobby Flay